Eibar is special because no other place in Spain with less than 30.000 inhabitants has a football club playing La Liga, the SD Eibar. Can you imagine enjoying with Messi‘s feet magic in a stadium for 7.000 spectators? You will kick the ball along with him.
And what about the local derbies? Stay those days in Eibar; to be involve in the friendship and good vibes shared by supporters of both teams, to feel the the lively atmosphere in every bar and, to discover all the good things Eibar has for you. Because Eibar is much more than football.
This town of San Sebastian region-Gipuzkoa- can be a good place to understand our metallurgical past. Eibar was a well known place for manufacture armament and bycicles. Besides the first cooperative of the Basque Country, Alfa, was founded in Eibar.
Applied arts were the base of this industrial revolution and, also, the context in which painter Ignacio Zuloaga made the first contacts with the art world.

Cultural tours

The Basque Country is full of culture.
Is the place where basque language remains alive although it is unrelated to the other languages of Europe and is a language isolate to any other known living language.
Our festivals are